The Serum DAB allows members to have indirect control through the use of a decentralised proposal and voting system. This allows the future of Serum to be dictated by an open minded, diverse group of people. The Serum DAB ensures diverse, creative, and community driven growth to the Serum ecosystem. DAB participation is restricted to SER token holders.

The following outlines the initial vision of the DAB process. It's a living document that will be refined through discussion with, and feedback from the Serum community. Any process mentioned is open to change or improve with community suggestions.


Social media, primarily Twitter and Telegram, will be used to make announcements regarding new proposals and proposal results.
Discourse is used to discuss and improve proposals before they are posted on Snapshot for official voting. $SER holders will gain access to the Serum Discourse with a wallet authentication process. The Serum Discourse space will be created asap after launch.
Snapshot is used as a voting tool and automatically displays the voting results. New proposals will be posted every Tuesday and voting will stay open for 1 week. The Serum Snapshot space will be created asap after launch.

Proposal Process

The SIMP (Serum Improvement Proposal) process is as follows:
  1. Jon Doe draws up an informal SIMP based on a template provided by Serum (Template will be available on Discourse)
  2. Moderators review the SIMP to ensure it adheres to the Serum Standards
  3. The SIMP goes public on Discourse for discussion/improvement for seven days
  4. Jon Doe submits a formal SIMP with the added community improvements and suggestions
  5. Moderators review the formal SIMP to ensure it adheres to the Serum Standards
  6. The SIMP is passed to the Serum Council for review to determine cost, workload, action plan, legal consideration, and any potential impact (good or bad) that the implementation of the proposal can lead to. The Council will work alongside the community to ensure that their vision is met.
  7. The Serum Council compiles all the relevant information and determines if the SIMP is feasible. A SIMP will only be marked not feasible if there is an indisputable obstruction to implementing it.
  8. If not feasible, the details are presented to the community to come up with a solution or to dismiss the SIMP
  9. If approved, the SIMP moves to the voting process

Voting Process

Voting is done with the existing Snapshot infrastructure to ensure fair and transparent voting. The process is as follows:
  1. Approved proposals are posted on Snapshot the following Tuesday
  2. Community members vote with a voting power equal to each whole $SER token that they own. One token equals one vote.
  3. Voting stays open for one week
  4. Proposals that pass will be moved to be implemented
  5. Rejected proposals can be resubmitted following the appropriate guidelines

Serum Standards

Serum wants to live by an "anything goes" policy to allow for out of the box thinking and innovation, but some standards will be set in place to ensure a smooth flow of operations and to protect the DAB from bad actors:
  1. Proposals must include cost to implement calculations
  2. Proposals can not have conflicts with other proposals
  3. Proposals can not consist of any illegal activities
  4. Proposals need to be aligned with the long term vision of Serum
  5. Formal proposals need to respect the Serum provided template
  6. The Council reserves the right to turn down proposals that are illegal or harmful to Serum